Learning + competency management system

Easy to deploy

Deploy in days, not weeks or months


Align to your competence assurance system

OperatorSuite™ learning management system (LMS): Software to support administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of training and competency programs

Skills matrix

Visual learning path and at-a-glance competency grid for a quick assessment and analysis of your workforce

Evidence-based assessment

Standardize competency requirements for individual users and/or groups of individuals to track knowledge, skills and performance

Anywhere, anytime

Robust - works in any modern browser, responsive design for mobile devices, supports touch screen interfaces

Cost effective

A smart investment for a proven and powerful application - perpetual software licenses available

SCORM compliant

Shareable Content Object Reference Model, a technical standard for e-learning programs

Configurable access levels

Customizable permissions allow administrators to limit access to sensitive data

Customizable look & feel

Rebadge with your company logo, brand colors and nomenclature

Build on & offline curriculums

Upload and manage training and assessment content, create a learning path and assign directly to a user or to groups of users

Flexible reporting

Includes standard progress reports or customize to track specific data - results at-a-glace with visual dashboards

Store evidence of competency

Upload and store files to provide evidence of previous learning and/or competency

Auditable records

Demonstrate workforce assessment and competency to satisfy regulators and other stakeholders

Expiry notification

Configurable e-mail alerts of upcoming events or expiring qualifications

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Process training / operator training

Whether a new or existing asset, your technicians need the knowledge and confidence to operate safely and efficiently to reduce risk and maximise profits. Understand how to develop an effective training programme to ensure your workforce is competent, confident and safe.

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Learning management system

Streamline your learning processes. You can administer, track and report on the training, competence, and compliance of your workforce with the help of a learning management system (LMS). We’ll show you how.

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OperatorSuite™ LMS

OperatorSuite™ overview

OperatorSuite Learning and Competency Management System (LMS) is a Wood developed application. In use since 1996, OperatorSuite is designed to administer, deploy, and track training and competency programs.

OperatorSuite LMS allows you to track your candidates' progress through online, offline, classroom, on-the-job, on-site or off-site programs. To help ensure a competent workforce, OperatorSuite also tracks expiry of licenses and qualifications.

workforce development

Built for purpose

OperatorSuite LMS is an application underpinning the processes of employee selection, induction, evaluation, identifying training needs, deploying and tracking training, on-the-job assessments and ongoing role development across the employment lifecycle.

OperatorSuite is also used for the tracking of competence assurance for third party contractors and asset support contracts.

Demonstrate competence

OperatorSuite LMS allows your organization to demonstrate rigorous workforce assessment and competence to regulators and other stakeholders.

Protect your investment and ensure the right people are operating and maintaining your asset so you can meet your reliability, safety & performance goals.

How OperatorSuite™ is being used around the world

Since 1986 Wood has completed thousands of training projects in 32 different countries around the world.
Click the photos below to read how our clients use OperatorSuite learning management system to deliver and track their training and competency programmes.

Pretium Mine is an underground mining operation where ore is processed to recover gold and silver. Wood provided an operator training program including:

+ 3D Process animation
+ E-learning
+ Classroom training
+ Field checks
+ Simulation scenarios
+ OperatorSuite LMS

Pretium Mine

British Columbia, Canada

Metro Vancouver has been using OperatorSuite LMS since 2002 to manage training and competence for their staff of over 5000 people.

Metro Vancouver is a federation of 21 municipalities, one Electoral Area and one Treaty First Nation that collaboratively plans for, and delivers, regional-scale services – mainly drinking water, wastewater treatment and solid waste management.

Metro Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

With around 40,000 people operating in over 60 countries, Wood required a learning management system to rollout training and competence programs globally.

OperatorSuite was chosen because of its ability to reach all of Wood with a single-sign on solution that is both easy to deploy and manage.


London, UK

With the completion of their greenfield floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) unit, our client needed an application that could both manage their technician training and also monitor their competence framework and records.

OperatorSuite was chosen because it has the flexibility to adapt to the client’s competence structure, track all of their e-learning and offline training, and provide data for regular compliance audits.

Confidential Client

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New OperatorSuite features for 2021:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication:

    Integrate with an existing SSO authentication system such as Azure Active Directory so security can be enforced through the company’s standard policies.

  • Sync user fields with Active Directory (AD):

    Synchronize any user field with fields in AD, archive users based on the value of an AD field, and add users to groups based on field values in AD.

  • Dashboard improvements:

    Updated dashboard graphs – added “Expiries over time” graph, “Attempts over time” graph, and chart for competency completion rate by group or collections.

  • User merging:

    Merge two users records together, archiving the duplicate user.

  • Custom reference page:

    Customizable page linked from a button in the navigation pane – used to provide information formatted as an HTML page such as links to material stored on another system or program purpose statements.

  • Activity logging:

    Full user activity logging so all activities in OperatorSuite are recorded – Administrators can view this log if there are questions about events.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA):

    Safeguard password-authenticated account – options include SMS codes, authenticator applications, and emailed codes.

  • Passwords enhancements:

    Enforce password expiries, lock out user after too many attempts, enforce password complexity, and prevent reuse of previous passwords.

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About Wood training and competence services

We have 30+ years of experience developing training and competency programs, and have executed over 1500 training projects in 32 countries. We have a full-time staff of training professionals including project managers, engineers, operators, learning specialists, technical writers, technical illustrators/3D animators, editors, publishers and programmers. Our core deliverables include:

  • document mapping
  • operating manuals
  • standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • training needs analysis
  • blending learning programs
  • competency assurance frameworks
  • web-based training (WBT or e-learning)
  • classroom curriculums and content
  • on-the-job training and assessment
  • 3D animations and technical illustrations
  • virtual field tours for exploration of remote assets
  • stakeholder engagement animations and videos
  • conversion of existing training materials into e-learning formats
  • Wood OperatorSuite™ Learning and competency Management System (LMS)

Wood provides performance-driven solutions throughout the asset life cycle, from concept to decommissioning across a broad range of industrial markets, including the upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas, power & process, environment and infrastructure, clean energy, mining, nuclear, and general industrial sectors.

Find about more Wood Training and Competence services:

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